eLearning platform with multimedia content in virtual communities 2.0

Developing a platform for the creation, dissemination, exploitation and exchange (cooperation) of multimedia content for eLearning in the environment of medicine based on virtual communities (Web 2.0). This platform generates the corresponding contents for its network management, based on the materials available to the members of the consortium. AVANZA I+D 2ª conv. I+D NACIONAL

R&D Telemonitoring

The objective of this project is the study, development, implementation and demonstration of a complete telemonitoring system for chronic patients through the integration of a technological platform accessible from a Web portal that will have the necessary functionalities to improve the continuity of care, offering Services for public and private health organizations and that will allow [...]

LINKARE. Development of a platform for telemedicine services

The main objective of the project is the study, development and implementation of a technological platform that will manage chronic patients, providing tools such as telemonitoring system for patients and professionals that will manage the information and resources in the most efficient possible way.   2007-2008. PROFIT 2007 MIN TIC TRACTOR

Remote Assistance through Zigbee technology

The objective of the project is the development of a complete teleassistance system that includes the possibility of locating, sending voice messages and visualizing a dependent person at a distance whenever required. The system, in addition to allowing the integration of cameras in the home connected via WiFi to a GPRS gateway, includes  the use [...]

Micro Technology applied to clothes that monitor Health

The objective of the project is the study of viability and development of electronic embedded biomedical monitoring systems in garments in order to monitor relevant data on the instantaneous situation and the evolution of the "state" of a person . The project aims to combine current and future micro / nano-technologies on a multisensory platform [...]