Innovation and digital transformation. The health of the 21st century requires the digitalization of health organizations and pharmaceutical laboratories. Despite the great technological offer, these large organizations often have difficulties in incorporating this innovation.

To influence the promotion of this digital transformation, Grupo Pulso has joined TICBioMed as a partner.

TICBioMed is a business association that promotes digital health at a national and European level. «We are the bridge between technology companies and health organizations and large corporations, we join the ecosystem to enhance the inclusion of new technologies in the field of health.»

TICBioMed has more than 60 partners -including hospitals, clinics, large companies, universities, SMEs and startups-. All collaborate in the digital transformation of health for the benefit of patients and healthcare professionals.

Among other projects, TICBioMed facilitates the participation of its partners in European innovation projects and projects to support health organizations.